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Long Term Care
Get the best policy for your needs.
Individual Commercial BrokerageAt Trailblazer Insurance Advocates, we work with Individual Commercial Brokerage ("ICB"). This allows us to shop your quote for Long Term Care or Life Insurance among several different companies to help you get the best policy for your needs.

Medicare and all of its insurance plans only cover up to 100 days of care. After this period, people have 3 options:
  1. Spend down assets and receive care from the state
  2. Self pay for all costs out of Income and assets
  3. Own Long Term Care Insurance and create your own options.
Some things you might not know about Long Term Care Insurance:
  • Owning a policy that meets a minimum standard set by the state can exempt you from any form of estate recovery in the event that your policy is unable to pay for all medical costs. This sometimes happens to older policies without a big enough benefit or inflation protection. Even if the state pays, they cannot attempt to come after your assets through probate.
  • Even if you have a will, your estate can still be passed through probate.
  • Long Term Care insurance has evolved and companies now offer Linked Products that include options like tax free death benefits, cash surrender value, and income riders.
  • Long Term Care benefits can be included as a built in Rider to other types of policies like Life Insurance and Annuities. These types of policies can be funded with lump sum premiums like rollovers from old life policies or investments.
  • Most people use income from Investments and dividends to fund Long Term Care insurance options and linked products.
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